A Ballad to God – “Annie’s Song”

The intrinsic excellence and magnificence of John Denver’s Annie’s Song can make any individual equipped for cherishing and being roused. I heard it said once, that any ditty should have been visible as an adoration melody to God. This is positively valid for Annie’s Song. It was composed as a hymn to Denver’s then-spouse. Truly and profoundly thrilled, he composed it in just “ten-and-a-half minutes one day on a ski lift”[1] in Aspen, Colorado- – submerged in the rich sentiments and sexiness of nature.

The sonnet, that is the melody, is obviously reverential. The music, alongside the verses, is chillingly respectful and an optimal backup in communicating our affection for God and his made world. Maybe with the information on the tune we can ponder the words:

ANNIE’S SONG (John Denver)

You top off my faculties like a  인천가라오케in a timberland

Like the mountains in springtime, similar to a stroll in the downpour

Like a tempest in the desert, similar to a sluggish blue sea

You top off my faculties come fill me once more.

Come let me love you, let me give my life to you

Allow me to suffocate in your giggling, let me bite the dust in your arms

Let me set down alongside you, let me forever accompany you

Come let me love you, come love me once more.

Gospel Relevance of Annie’s Song

Might God at any point maybe fill our faculties? Could we at any point give our lives to God? And furthermore maybe, on top of Psalm 23, we can rests in God’s green field, suffocate in his chuckling and pass on in his arms? Might we at some point be ready and willing? Indeed, even at this point?

God can lift us, with our faculties, our instinct, our reasoning and our inclination. The Person of the Holy Spirit guides in motivation, giving life a particularly paranormal flavor.

Have you maybe not “felt” life like this in some time; the unadulterated marvel of life and of being an extraordinary offspring of God’s? Could it at any point be that Jesus may be your own Savior, the one to make – maybe interestingly – a stunningness and a pizzazz in you. Indeed, it’s both genuine and great. We can drink profound of him; he can top off our faculties like nothing else, not even the bounty of a wonderfully made world can contrast and this Bread of Life.

Essence of God, come fill me once more; give me life that I won’t ever be aware.

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