Amazing Things Only Private Pilots Can Do

 Amazing Things Only Private Pilots Can Do

As a private pilot and owner of your own aircraft, you already know the major perks: Having instant access to a luxurious way to travel, taking your family and friends on trip s they’ll never forget, and the one of a kind thrill of being in control at the cockpit. However, there are many other upsides to having your own plane that are easy to overlook. As you shop for your first (or one of many) aircraft, keep these benefits in mind. They might help direct you towards the perfect plane, jet or helicopter for you-or serve as a reminder of why you’re in such a great position.

Join the Club!

By joining or even starting your own flying club, you’ll gain an instant new circle of friends who share your unique passion for flight. It’s a fantastic way to meet like-minded people, team up and (if you’d like) even share in the costs of purchasing an aircraft. Perhaps you’ve been eyeing a particular model, but you’re not quite interested enough in an “every now and then” plane to buy it yourself. The friendships, camaraderie and potential group buying that clubs offer can be fantastic.

Consider a corporate club, where you can make a little cash by renting out your plane to members who are proven responsible pilots, or a partnership club where you can share the aircraft exclusively with certain members. This is also a great way to learn more about maintenance, if you’re interested in a hands-on approach to caring for your ‘craft.

Tour de Force

Private pilots can’t charge passengers for the total hourly cost of a plane, but you can split the cost of fuel. This is a great option for pilots who want to lower the cost of providing a tour of the local area while sharing their passion-plus, there’s nothing like giving a kid who has “pilot itch” a glimpse into their future. This practice is a favorite hobby especially for retired commercial pilots. It’s only natural to want to share your lifestyle with those who might get a kick out of it, and being a tour guide on your own terms is also a way to keep your aircraft in use.

You can also take things a step beyond by delving into cross-country piloting for those who want more than a glimpse of a flight. Many pilots want to go beyond local flying and discover the real utility of a plane by adding cross-country flying into the mix. You can also start pursuing an instrument rating and even obtain a commercial pilot’s license. This is how you can really master your region, a goal of many pilots once they get the flight bug.

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