Basic Information Regarding the Hilti Nail Gun

 Basic Information Regarding the Hilti Nail Gun

Have you ever seen or bought a Hilti nail gun? Its other name is a Ramset nail gun. It is very common among many construction engineers. Their industrial application includes the manufacture of hard substrates’ materials that have many joints. Thus, this is a very powerful gun. The Hilti gun uses direct fastening technology, .458 socom ammo  and performs on an easy principle. Once you press the trigger button, a chemical propellant charge counteracts the immediate explosion. As a result, the gun propels the nails outwards and thus forced into a tough surface.

You can find two main types of Hilti guns. One main type is the high velocity nail gun. It drives the nails directly to the fastener, similar to any other firearm. The other option is the low velocity nail gun with a more elaborate operating system. This tool features a chamber with a piston into it. When you press the trigger button, the propellant provokes the piston, which presses the fastener or nail into the substrate. The fastener’s speed is not too high on low velocity Hilti guns. It is about four hundred and ninety two feet per second.

Do you know why you should get yourself a Hilti nail gun? You probably do not know a lot about these products. Each type has a few benefits it offers the users. For instance, you can use the low velocity guns for all the small home projects. The high velocity nail guns fit commercial and industrial uses better. If you often have tasks involving driving nails into tough surfaces, the Hilti guns are perfect. Fasteners are not easy to use if a person is working with hardwood furniture. That is why he or she must buy a gun to press even a three point-five nail into thick hardwood.

It minimizes the effort a person has to use because the guns can shoot fasteners directly into the hardwood. Moreover, these guns are capable of firing many nails in a short while. You can use the same guns for any finishing tasks. In this case, you will require pressing in small nails to join moldings on cabinets or to do other woodworks. Find the guns that feature tinier gauges as they can drive in one and a quarter inch nails into the wood. They produce a smooth finish to the task. Use the guns with the brad nails too because you cannot hammer them effectively. You may require the guns for all trimming jobs especially during setting up of the baseboards or softwoods.

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