Bikers Are Not Motorcycle Monsters

 Bikers Are Not Motorcycle Monsters

Bike Week 2010, in Daytona, Florida, is just around the corner and Amelia Island is a great stop on your way to Daytona Beach. For those of you who do not ride, youth motorcycle helmet  bikers are often a misunderstood group and thought of as Motorcycle Monsters. If you are not on the inside, I am going to let you in on a few unknown facts about the biker lifestyle.

First of all, most of the bikers I know, whether they ride daily, are weekend riders, die hard bikers or Wannabe’s, are not destitute! Motorcycling is not an inexpensive hobby. Bikes are quite costly, the apparel is expensive and when you are traveling by motorcycle you are spending money on hotels or campgrounds and in restaurants and grocery stores.

Biking is a mentality. When you walk into a “biker bar” you will notice that most everyone in the place is out to have a good time. Under normal circumstances, bikers do not usually fight among themselves. I have seen more fights in a Shoney’s Restaurant than I have seen in all the Biker Bars I have been to – combined! Bikers all have the same goal… to feel the wind in their face and enjoy life!

Loud pipes on motorcycles save lives. Bikers design their bikes intentionally to have loud pipes so the non-biker is aware of their presence on the road.

Motorcycles are registered and licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles and have the same rights on the road as any other street legal vehicle. Just because bikers often ride in a staggered position DOES NOT mean that they must. “The entire lane belongs to me when I am on my Harley, do not get in my space!”

Hiding under all of that expensive leather and the sometimes obscene stickers adhered to a motorcycle helmet are people you know, many of them are just like you. These are your relatives, your neighbors and your kid’s teachers. They are doctors, realtors and bankers. These are working mothers, housewives, your lawyers and ballet teachers. Prejudices simply put, have no place in the biker world!

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