Bra Sizes and Styles – How to Know the Right Bra For You

 Bra Sizes and Styles – How to Know the Right Bra For You

Women, most of the times are rarely aware of changes in their bra size and end up wearing wrong sizes. Body changes due to certain factors such as water retention o bra size calculator

 r aging can very quickly change bra sizes significantly while being unnoticed at the same moment for the individual wearing a bra. The following content will give you some basic guidance on measuring your bra size so that you can find the right fit for yourself.

Sales personnel can help you measure your size properly but incase you are shopping through a magazine then you need to measure your size on your own.

Are you wearing the right bra size?

If your band is tight or your back straps slip up then it means your cups are small. If your band is tighter than being comfortable then your current band size is larger than the bra band that you are wearing.
Your cups should not have empty space in them. If they do then you need a smaller cup size. If you feel that your current cups are too tight then you need a different bra.

If your bras underwire presses in too deeply then you need to get larger cups. This may also happen when the bra’s side wings are smaller than what they should be.

Measuring correctly

The main measurements that you will need are full bust, upper bust and under bust.

Under bust: take measurements from beneath your bust. Hold your measuring tape in position beneath the bust and make sure it isn’t too tight.

Upper bust: place the measuring tape under your arms but over your bust.

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