Hardwood Flooring Species From A to W


A hardwood that comes in a few assortments including, red hardwood, Oregon and western species. Variety is predictable from pinkish brown to practically white. This material for the most part contains no unmistakable grain except for can have moderate straight uniform grain. Birch is a delicate hardwood that can be functioned admirably. It has low elasticity, is light weight, low shock and thick wood. Since it is a light gentler hardwood it tends to be nailed, screwed and painted or finished.

Birch is utilized in numerous items from deck to hardwood floor refinishing Alpharetta  furniture and kitchen cupboards, frequently utilized when a natural impact is wanted.


Variety goes from white, through cream, to a light brown. Typically a straight grain with uniform surface. This species is weighty and hard which makes serious areas of strength for with high elasticity. With huge pores this wood acknowledges most any color.

Debris is utilized for deck, furniture and donning great. It was once the favored wood in making tennis rackets. It machines well, really great for nails, screws and paste. Dries effectively with little debase or contrast in execution.

Dark Walnut

A tight grained hardwood that finishes to an exceptionally smooth completion that ages gracefully. It’s tone is a dim brown onto a purplish dark. At the point when its furnace dried it’s tone for the most part prompts a dull brown and air drying makes a purplish-brown.

With a wonderful grain it is much of the time straight grained which can some of the time have waves or twists, however can change extraordinarily and develops more shiny as it ages. It is a hard wood with a medium thickness and moderate pulverizing and bowing strength with low firmness.

Functions admirably when machined, nails, cuts, screws and pastes well. Stains effectively with slow dry time. Utilized in deck, cupboards, gunstocks, carvings, instruments, millwork and substantially more. It is likewise a pursued facade material.


Is known for its noteworthy excellence and carpentry characteristics. It is one of the simplest wood species to work with, from high brilliance deck to top of the line cabinetry. With a fantastic protection from dampness, it shows insignificant enlarging and contracting, making it extremely flexible as a ground surface item.

Variety is a ruddy earthy colored that obscures with openness to daylight and age. Grain is honest with a smooth surface. Cherry is medium thickness and strength and firmness. The hardwoods grain design is very unmistakable with little gum pockets and essence bits going through it. It nails and pastes very and can be done with a smooth completion when sanded.

Hard Maple

As one of the hardest of all maple species, it is one of the most dependable sorts of wood. It creates a straight grain, uniform surface and nature strength. Settles on a great decision for deck, furniture and well known as a facade. Functions admirably in private, business and modern applications.

Variety runs from cream to a light ruddy brown. Hard maple has uniform surface and is generally straight in grain. It can likewise show burl or elevated grain designs. Takes stain well and can be cleaned for a great completion.

Since this hardwood positions high on the hardness scale, it is prudent to pre-drill prior to nailing or screwing.

Red Oak

Since it is one of the most plentiful hardwood species it makes it one of the most famous after maple and cherry. Variety goes from a white cream tone to pale brown, frequently colored with red. Straight grained with a coarse surface.

Red oak is very weighty and solid. It is likewise exceptionally hard with a high shock obstruction. With these attributes, it had remarkable wear opposition and strength. It machines well yet pre-boring is great practice if nailing or utilizing screws.

White Oak

One of the most widely recognized ground surface decisions, as a result of its sturdiness and strength which is likewise impermeable with regards to dampness. For these equivalent attributes it has been utilized for a long time and boat blunder and for wooden barrels.

The variety is almost white to a dim dark brown for the heartwood.

The variety goes from white to a dim brown. A large portion of the wood is straight grained with a medium to coarse surface. It’s grain can shift contingent upon cutting and cutting points.

White oak is an extremely hard and solid wood with incredible wear opposition, that holds nails and screws very well. It machines well and as a result of its hardness, it’s prescribed to pre-drill prior to utilizing nails or screws.

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