If You Want a Mighty Challenge and Massive Cause To Which You Can Devote Your Life – Here It Is

 If You Want a Mighty Challenge and Massive Cause To Which You Can Devote Your Life – Here It Is

My friend Peter and some of his friends and colleagues are facing a dilemma. They are Jews and they have been in the Tel Aviv area, formerly Joppa, and they receive Charlotte Botox  a very specific call from a Roman Army Officer, Cornelius, to travel north to Caesarea, and visit him at his garrison headquarters.

In Acts Chapter 10 verse 23, we read of Peter and six fellow disciples of Jesus making their way the 20 miles or so from Joppa to Caesarea. Cornelius is waiting for Peter’s arrival. He has gathered together all his relatives and friends. He is expecting something to happen. He believed that God is going to move and speak through Peter. Now quite a lot has happened leading up to this point in the story.

Are people still looking for that and expecting that today?

As Peter goes into Cornelius’s house Cornelius falls at Peter’s feet. But Peter would NOT be worshipped, and he says, “Stand up. I am only a man.”

We are NOT to worship men – or bow down before men nor idolise men. We are to worship only the Living God.

When Peter goes inside, he finds this group of people waiting for him, and he says, “You realise that what I am doing is against the laws of my denomination, but the Living God has shown me that I must no longer regard anyone as impure, unclean or common.

I came as soon as I was sent for – but WHY did you send for me?” Cornelius replies. “Four days ago, I was praying”, and he goes on to explain his vision. This has all happened fairly speedily. There are times when God moves fast.

“Now we are all here, present before God, to hear all the things that God has commanded you to speak.” That is quite something to say.

Peter is a man who has been commanded to speak the words which God gave him, and so are all preachers and Bible teachers. We are under orders to proclaim what Jesus Christ has commanded us to proclaim.

I have no other message. I have not been called by God to entertain you – nor interest you in some fascinating theory – but to speak the words which Jesus Christ has commanded that I speak. We are all given that responsibility.

Peter, and some brother disciples of Jesus are in the home of this Roman Centurion, Cornelius. God was dealing with both of these men, in different ways, to achieve different goals. They are about to become very close friends. Friendship is so vitally important.

God was preparing two men who were poles apart, to come together. Cornelius had had a very real spiritual experience, and soon he is to have a mightier experience.

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