Restaurant Delivery Services – A Recipe For Disaster

 Restaurant Delivery Services – A Recipe For Disaster

Restaurant delivery services and food delivery are most often ordered for 3 reasons.

1. You are tired and hungry and want your food delivered

2. You are out Nangs of town staying at a hotel and want restaurant delivery

3. You are using a food delivery service for a special event

The first reason may be the most explosive setting for a Food Delivery Disaster. The combination of being tired and hungry does not usually bode well for a harmonious outlook on life in general. The possibility of slow food delivery, a frustrating order taker, and a gratuity charge for ungracious service is just the beginning.

If the food arrives cold or the order that arrives is not the same that you placed the chances of only being tired and hungry have now escalated to being upset and angry. However a prompt hot meal at a good price would be just what the doctor ordered to cure your appetite and outlook.

Reason number two also provides all the necessary ingredients for a food delivery disaster. You are out of your element and may not know where to go. The fact you are weary from a hard day of traveling can also play on your nerves. The last thing you need is a bad food delivery experience.

Have you ever had the joy of receiving your restaurant delivery food brought to you in a timely manner piping hot and ready to eat only to discover they did not bring you any utensils, plates, or napkins. If only you would have checked before the driver left. Not to worry you can always call back and wait for the delivery of utensils to find out you now have no condiments.

Reason number three has the possibility of exceeding a restaurant delivery disaster and escalating into paying to be humiliated in front of family and friends. Yes the day has come for your special event. Your guests have arrived and the only thing missing is the great social ritual of having good food to share with good friends.

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