Sales Strategies – Directing Your Customer With an Anchor!

 Sales Strategies – Directing Your Customer With an Anchor!

A good friend of mine calls this method his six-shooter. It’s about creating a fist full of ammo to use to close the client at the end of a questioning session. In my opinion, he goes a bit too hard 45 Long Colt Ammo for sale.  with his approach, but it’s a good example. Here’s how it goes:

He will begin a conversation casually with his customer and ask questions as he goes along. He literally keeps one hand behind his back and counts as he goes. He’ll ask a question and receive an answer, then repeat the answer back to the client to get a confirmation and that’s one. He’ll ask more and more questions, continually anchoring the positive responses as he goes. He’ll even re-anchor some of the new responses back to previously anchored responses by highlighting their relationship between the two answers.

My friend does this until he has enough ammo to close the sale. Usually, the bigger the item, the more points to consider, therefore the more ammo is needed, thus, the more questions he needs to ask and repeat back or clarify with the customer. Then he’ll rattle off the points he’s anchored that the client has already agreed to.

There is much value in anchoring the client’s decisions. For some strange reason, people tend not to want to make decisions for themselves. I find it’s often because they have not considered the bigger picture. If you can present the bigger picture -based on all the little pictures you have anchored for them) the client will see the overall value in the purchase of what it is you are selling, whether it’s a product or services. Indeed, they’ve agreed already to the details, you’ve pointed that out with your anchoring to each and every statement they made after you asked them a question. It is just a matter of showing them what they have purchased!

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