Solar Spot Lights – Showing Off Your Home

 Solar Spot Lights – Showing Off Your Home

They say home is where the heart is, and for most of us who own or are renting to own a home, it is a very true statement. If fact, most of us love our homes so much advantages and disadvantages of solar street lights

  that we put in hours at a time to update, upgrade and take care of our homes.

Some of us enjoy landscaping, where we trim our own trees and bushes, plant flowers and other plants to increase the beauty of or home, and add kitsch items such as ceramic gnomes, deer and other animals. But at night no one can see all our hard work and dedication. Well, that used to be true – but not anymore since I bought some solar spot lights.

In The Garden

You see, I take pride not only in the ownership of my home, but also in its appearance. I have taken time to have a well-kept yard, with rose bushes and other flowers surrounding the front. Ever since I placed some solar spot lights in the yard, my house now lights up with soft white light, pointed at my prize-winning roses. I even have one pointed at the old birdhouse that I kept from when I built it with my grandchild. Now everyone can see the care and craftsmanship we put into that project.

Illuminating House Numbers

Another use I have found for these spotlights are to point one at the numbers of the house. That way, when relatives or friends are driving by, they can easily see which home is mine. In the past, due to the similar built houses of the neighborhood, my friends would get lost trying to find me. But now that the numbers can clearly be seen from the street, they always arrive on time and much happier than before.

Showing Off Garden Decorations

When the holidays arrive, I take out some of my handmade decorations to place on the front lawn. Then I take one to three solar powered spot lights and point them at the scenes. Now my ghosts can be seen clearly on Halloween, my turkey and pilgrims for Thanksgiving, Cupid for Valentine’s – all these and more are displayed proudly showing my holiday spirit.

Other Unusual Applications

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