Tactical Paintball Vests Make Scenario Woodsball Fun

Tactical Paintball Vests Make Scenario Woodsball Fun

While the fun and adrenaline is definitely in the game, it’s also fun to shop and put together your equipment list. Picking out an awesome tactical paintball gun and a camouflag .38 special ammo outfit for a custom look to stand out on the field is exciting to most players who are totally into the sport. After choosing the right color fatigues, a tactical paintball vest is essential for finishing your look but also for the best performance on the field. The right tactical vest will not only help you carry your gear, but give you an identity in the game. Choose your tactical paintball vest to best suit the position you play in the game and the equipment you need to be successful. Customizing your tactical vest is also fun but it requires thinking ahead to what you might need it for during play.

Not only do tactical vests come in nearly every camouflage pattern to match your fatigues, but the pouches are as varied. If you play on the front lines of battle, using a paintball pistol for exhilarating close quarter fighting is a great idea. Pistols are great fun to use but can be cumbersome to carry. Most players use thigh holsters to house tactical paintball pistols but these take some getting used to and often create an unbalanced feel, slowing down quick movements that can hinder your play style. Choosing a tactical vest with a pistol holster on the front is the best way to carry these fun accessories, making them easier to move with and faster to draw when needed. If you play the mid or back field, choose a tactical vest that’s loaded with ammo pods. For scenario games played on a closed field, back field players are typically more stationary to provide cover fire so the front players can continue to move forward and accomplish the mission at hand. Because of this, back players can afford to use heavier paintball equipment and can carry lots of ammo. Mid field players are used to traveling back and forth, ready to take spots in the front or back of the field load their paintball vest with ammo pods and can provide extra paintballs to other players.

While a good vest is practically essential for carrying your gear, it’s not a bad idea to customize it for the type of marker you use. Nowadays if you play woodsball and you aren’t using a magazine fed paintball gun, you’re behind the times. These realistic markers are the latest innovation in scenario paintball and in some games you just aren’t playing if you don’t have one. The trade off with these guns is a replacement of the traditional clunky hopper for a realistic magazine, however dropping down from carrying 200 rounds to only 20. This means you will have to carry numerous 20 round magazines if you want to play longer than 10 minutes. If a magazine fed paintball gun is your tool of choice, a tactical vest loaded with magazine pouches is a necessary accessory.

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