Tax Debt Relief – Is There a Way Out Without Losing Your Business, Home Or Car?

 Tax Debt Relief – Is There a Way Out Without Losing Your Business, Home Or Car?

Dealing with the IRS is intimidating and scary and if you find yourself receiving certified letters, phone calls or even visits from an IRS agent like I did then you can feel almost paralyzed not knowing what step to take next. What you need is tax debt relief and you can get it just like I did and like thousands of others are doing every day.

Tax Debt Relief

1. Stop putting the IRS problem Best tax agent off. This is a place I went wrong. It wasn’t that I was ignoring the letters and phone calls I just didn’t know what to do with them. I didn’t have enough money to pay the bills and talking to the IRS was intimidating but by putting it off my penalties, interest and late fees nearly doubled what I owed.

2. Don’t try to settle by yourself. When I finally got “caught” on the phone with an IRS agent he got me to sign into an agreement. This was a huge mistake! Basically they gave me 120 days to pay what I could of my bill and then they promised a settlement for the remainder. So I scrapped together $8,000 dollars in the 120 days thinking if I could show I was really trying that they would go easier on me. What happened was that at the end of the 120 days they tacked on exactly $8,000 in penalties! They completely wiped out the entire amount I sent them and did not reduce my total due by even a penny – crooks!

3. Hire a tax consultant. I was reluctant to do this at first because I wanted to settle this problem on my own and the last thing I wanted was to hire someone to help. This however is what solved my problem.

What I did was got online and found a tax consultant, it does not have to be anyone local. I filled out the short form that asked about 8 questions about my situation and then I had a tax consultant explain to me a strategy to follow. The best thing was that the tax consultant took over all communication with the IRS for me! I loved this because I hated talking to the IRS agents because I always felt that they were trying to get me to say something I would regret.

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